Crosslake EDA

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To Develop and Promote the Economic Growth and Welfare of Crosslake While Protecting the Environment



As our area grows, we strive to maintain the small town feel and to keep our environment protected and sustainable for future generations.


With our new Crosslake Community School, a great education is right in your backyard for children of all ages.


We support our vibrant and growing business community. Whether you are working from home or running a small business, we make sure you have the necessary resources to succeed.

We Love Our Lakes

Community Matters


Mission: to responsibly grow the community by providing a year-round, vibrant destination, connecting people to nature, while preserving its heritage and offering diverse recreation, employment, and housing options.

Crosslake Cares

Our mission is to function as a non-profit operating in the long-term best interests of seniors in the greater Crosslake area by developing new opportunities and enhancing access to existing services providing opportunity for joint promotion.

Crosslake Community Center

The Community Center is located at 14126 Daggett Pine Rd in the Crosslake City Park. It is home to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Crosslake Area Library.


Stewardship of the natural world throughout the Whitefish Area and the Pine River Watershed is the mission of Whitefish Area Property Owners Association.