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To Develop and Promote the Economic Growth and Welfare of Crosslake While Protecting the Environment


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Crosslake Comprehensive Plan

Crosslake EDA is in the process of updating various chapters in the Comprehensive Plan. EDA strongly believes that a blueprint is necessary for building a sound foundation for the community. In May of 2018, the city approved the re-write of the Plan and now it is time for a review and update. Currently, chapters in process are Environment, Economic Vitality and Park and Recreation. Updates will be added to the Crosslake City Website under Planning and Zoning. Refer to Comp Plan update in this section of the EDA website for additional information as it becomes available. To view the full comprehensive plan click HERE.

EDA Business Visits

We are looking forward to visiting with as many businesses as we can over the coming months. We hope to see you!

Crosslake EDA


Dean Fitch


member at large

Roger Roy


A resident of Crosslake since 1987, Roger has been involved with the Crosslake EDA since the creation of the 2005 Comprehensive Plan.  He has been a business owner for the past 24 years.  READ MORE

board member

Patty Norgaard

Patty has served over 8 years on the Crosslake EDA Board. After knowing for years she wanted to live “Up North,” she moved here 18 years ago. Patty loves Crosslake for the beautiful environment, the smalltown atmosphere and the great diversity of its population. READ MORE


John Andrews



Dave Gahn


Alternate, member at large

Carla Bainbridge

founder & owner of predictive talent

This is Carla’s first year being involved with the Crosslake EDA.  Carla grew up visiting Crosslake—it’s been a place to visit and live in her family for three generations. She’s been a business owner for over 20 years and before that, the corporate world. For over 15 years has been involved with International Entrepreneurs Organization for as the MN chapter President, as well as the global board. She helps businesses flourish and grow. She loves everything about Crosslake–the lakes of course, the outdoors, the community, all of her friends, the amenities like the community center and the garden. At this time in her life, she has time to give back and share, and that is what she would like to do. With her extensive experience in running businesses and helping other businesses flourish, she’s excited to contribute.


Martha Steele

Over 30 years ago, Martha fell in love with the lakes and overall beauty of the area after camping at the US Army Corp of Engineers Campground in Crosslake.  In 1990, her dream to have a cabin on the lake became a reality and in 2008, Crosslake became her permanent home. Martha has been involved with the Crosslake EDA for 5 ½ years.  As a BLAEDC EXEC, she was asked to attend a Crosslake EDA meeting for her expertise as a former project manager.  She saw the need for someone to responsible for recording the minutes and she’s been involved ever since. Martha also serves on the Bass Lake Association as Secretary/Treasurer and Wed Administrator. 



Martha Seibert-Volz

Marcia currently serves on the Crosslake City Council and was appointed to represent the council on the EDA Board. In 2012, Marcia and her husband purchased their home in Crosslake, and later moved here in November 2017. Marcia cares about what Crosslake has to offer citizens and the amenities provided, safety, and healthy environment. She believes Crosslake offers so much across the spectrum of great places to live, including great recreational activities, which draw tourists to the area.


Council Liason

Sandy Farder



The EDA meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:30am at the Crosslake City Hall. FULL MEETING SCHEDULE